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Don't Forget The Sunscreen

Here are 10 safeguards against old Sol's damaging rays:

1. The sun causes 80% of premature skin aging. So, proper sun protection can be one of the best defenses against wrinkles.

2. Beware sneaky places that you might not expect to get sun such as the skin exposed by holes in the back of gloves, the backs of your calves, the back of your neck. Does that old jersey have tears in it? Surprisingly your skin can get burnt there. Protect all these exposed areas with sun block.

3. Are you bald? If you use a helmet that's full of ventilation holes, make sure you apply sunscreen or wear a cycling cap underneath your lid to save your head.

4. Sunglasses can reflect a lot of light toward your nose, so protect your beak with an extra-high-SPF sunscreen.

5. If your arms are extra sensitive, consider wearing a long-sleeve white jersey.

6. At higher altitudes there's increased exposure to UV rays so use more sun protection.

7. Keep in mind that heavy sweating can wash away even supposedly waterproof sport sunscreens. You'll need to reapply regularly.

8. Be sure to treat your ears with sunscreen, too, because depending on your hair length, they could be constantly exposed.

9. Always carry sunscreen with you on rides so you can apply as needed.

10. If you ride a lot in the sun, about once a year, get a dermatological check-up so a professional can check how your skin is doing and advise you.

Health & Fitness

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