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Kestrel Electric Scooter Kestrel

Kestrel Electric Scooter Kestrel
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The Kestrel Electric Scooter is the perfect complement to your busy day-to-day life. From morning commutes to running errands and even nights out, the Kestrel Electric Scooter is a reliable form of transportation.

High-Efficiency Motor. A 350 watt motor with the ability to travel at up to 15 miles per hour.

Quick Charging Battery. The high safety 7.5Ah battery reaches a full charge in 5-6 hours and will help you cover 11-15 miles.

Anti-Slip Magnesium Deck. The premium magnesium alloy deck creates a stable and comfortable service for your ride.

Lightweight. Weighing in at just over 24 pounds the Kestrel Electric Scooter makes it easy to carry with you into work, walk-up apartments, and restaurants.

Easy Folding. Quick and easy folding makes it simple to grab and go.

Front Shock Absorber. A guaranteed smooth ride with reduced road bumps and dampened vibrations.